Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ford's New Ecoboost V6

In the past Ford had many negative nicknames due to the quality of their vehicles.  Recently, due to the automotive bailout of GMC, Ford has emerged as the American auto leader.  They have recently unveiled a new engine for the Taurus, Flex, F-150, Lincoln MKS and MKT called the ecoboost.  This engine has very good gas milage, but it is also turbocharged.  All the proposed models get 160 HP with the f-150 getting 400 foot pounds of torque and the others getting around 350.  This new engine could be the end of GMC if they cannot create a more fuel efficient engine that can also be easily modified for heavy duty use.


  1. Nice man! This looks pretty lehit if you ask me. ALso good luck on your blog! CHeck out mine here:

  2. not the biggest fan of FORD products. prefer Japanese motors for the sake of their reliability. Hopefully we will see a rise in American manufactures. cheers

  3. Ford is really flexing their muscles in recent years. Really hope an American car company can stand up and be counted among all the Japanese and German car companies out there. Followed